Dien Quang Smarthome


If you have trouble because you have to remember too many things. Let CEH bring you a smart solution to help you save time, organize your work and feel secure in taking care of your family. CEH consults, installs a lump-sum Smarthome system. Based on the needs and uses of customers, CEH will offer a […]


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CEH distributes Dien Quang Led bulb to grow dragon fruit

Dien Quang has achieved the national brand name for many years in a row and has a tradition of manufacturing electrical equipment, especially light bulbs. Following the trend of saving electricity and being friendly with environment, Dien Quang develops and produces Led bulbs used in agriculture. Currently, CEH is a Led bulb distributor with price […]


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CEH installs Dien Quang Smarthome system for customers

Applying technology to your home will make everything simpler. Create a more luxurious and comfortable life with smart home solutions, smart offices, smart spaces, smart buildings and smart cities CEH consulting, designing and installing smart home system with solutions, technology and equipment provided by Dien Quang. Especially, CEH will design and install a solar power […]


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